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    Happy couples choose friends and family members to serve as attendants in their weddings. Bridesmaids and groomsmen each have different responsibilities in the wedding. In ancient times, groomsmen essentially served as the groom’s bodyguards, ensuring that he made it safely to the altar and to his future wife. Today, the groomsmen’s roles are…[Leer más]

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    There’s no end to the planning and organization that goes into creating a dream wedding. But for brides- and grooms-to-be on the go, help is just a download away.Planning used to involve endless paper trails, but now there are plenty of tools right at your fingertips designed to help you get more accomplished and manage your wedding like a pro.…[Leer más]

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    Perfume for Beginners
    Welcome to the world of perfume. Here’s an introduction to what you need to know about fragrance and finding the perfect scent.?Image courtesy of Shaw ShotsThe power of perfumeThe part of our brain that controls smell is related to that which deals with strong emotions and memories. Have you ever noticed how a smell can…[Leer más]

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    How to Make the Most of Your Disposable Wedding Camera
    Disposable cameras are easy to use by design – that’s why they’re so popular! Your 10-year-old niece Molly and your Auntie Josie can use them at your wedding to take their very own pictures – and there’s no telling what they will capture! However, as with any equipment, a few do’s and don’ts…[Leer más]

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    Cuando hablamos de juguetes para los bebés, debemos concentrarnos en elegir un producto adecuado a sus necesidades físicas, pero también a desarrollar sus destrezas mentales. Los pequeños son como […]

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    Hoy conocemos una iniciativa en la que se están solicitando fondos para desarrollar unos nuevos pañales fabricados con medusas, con el material obtenido de estos animales marinos se pueden fabricar pañales con […]

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    Recientemente la Asociación Española de Pediatría ha emitido una serie de nuevas recomendaciones sobre el debate que siempre se genera acerca del ‘colecho’. Me ha parecido interesante comentaros estas nuevas […]

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    Los niños pequeños, cuando llegan a la edad en que comienzan a caminar y a explorar la casa, ya pueden ser conscientes de lo que aprenden. A un niño de dos añps se le puede empezar a explicar determinados […]

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    El Ministerio de Sanidad, Servicios Sociales e Igualdad puso a finales del mes de marzo de este mismo año 2014 una guía elaborada por la Alianza Europea para la Seguridad Infantil. El texto completo lo podéis […]

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    Arch of Swords at a Military Wedding Ceremony
    Confetti investigates the tradition of sword arches in modern military weddings. Add a dashing touch of?pageantry?on the day you marry.What could be more delightful and dramatic, when you’ve just exchanged vows with a gorgeous man in uniform, than a walk under an arch of swords? This ancient…[Leer más]

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    Top Tips When Writing Your Wedding Vows
    Writing your own wedding vows may seem like a daunting task but with the right advice you’ll find it an enjoyable and rewarding process. Confetti presents its top tips when writing your wedding vows.Be conciseShort sentences work better than longer ones: they have more impact and are easy to decipher…[Leer más]

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    Canine CallingsIf your dog does well around lots of people and can stand still, he or she could be the best man, maid of honor or another member of the wedding party. “A few of our couples have had their dogs be ring bearers,” says Mandi Wiley, co-owner of Champagne Wedding Coordination in Portland, Ore. Is Buster on the skittish side? Consider…[Leer más]

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    Whether by the book or respectfully tweaked to suit your unique values and style, religious or cultural ceremony rituals are a great way to add personality, meaning, and,, yes, even fun to your nuptials.“These days weddings are becoming more and more secular,” says Jamie Miles, an editor for TheKnot. “A secular wedding allows couples to write the…[Leer más]

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    Where To Stay?
    Couples must make a host of decisions when they decide to tie the knot. For those couples having a more traditional wedding, the choice of accommodations for guests is one of the bigger decisions to make, especially if many of your guests will be coming from out of town.On the surface, finding a hotel for your guests might seem as…[Leer más]

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    How To Get A Beautiful Smile For Your Big Day!
    Come their wedding day, all eyes are on the happy couple as they tie the knot. This will be one of the most photographed moments in all your life, and it is customary that brides- and grooms-to-be want to look their best for their trip down the aisle, and a bright white and healthy smile goes a long…[Leer más]

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    Seating Plan For Your Guests
    One of the biggest decisions couples make regarding their wedding receptions concerns where to seat their guests. Many a bride and groom has felt the crunch of compiling responses and then coming up with an acceptable seating arrangement for the reception.Seating guests is not a task exclusive to brides- and…[Leer más]

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